Jon-Erik Jardine is a Gardener at the Woodland Park Zoo and a Graduate Student at Miami University where he is pursuing his Master’s in Biology of Arts. His passion for Nature and Human Development lead him to pursue experiences that would deepen his own understanding of what it means to be human beyond the bounds of society.

Jardine spent five years in Hawai’i, working as a counselor, teacher, and remote habitat restorationist. In 2018, while teaching highschool English in Hilo, his life was uprooted with the death of his younger brother. Realizing a fundamental change had occurred, Jardine began reflecting on the precious values of life and a reverence for the wisdom of death. He now lives close with his family in Seattle.

When he’s not writing, studying for school, or tending to his plants at work, Jon-Erik is training for his love of ultra trail-running in the Cascade Mountains.

For more information you can connect with Jon-Erik at jonerik.jardine@gmail.com, @ecopsychology_project , @JonErikJardine , and LinkedIn.