New Conversation with Brandon

Imposters Anonymous, The Podcast

Brandon welcomed me onto his podcast to talk about the “Nature of Identity”. We discuss the importance of having a relationship with a world outside of a human context and how that affects our own orientation to the world around us, human or otherwise.

We talk about:

the discrete value of distance running

balancing acceptance and ambition

the primacy of an intimate relationship with nature

lessons learned from a silent retreat

how the ego can lead us to water but cannot make us drink

the importance of relinquishing perceived control

and many more!

New Conversation with Christopher Le Coq

Nature Cycles, The Podcast

Christopher invited me on his podcast to speak about my book and to talk about the importance of death in the cycle of nature, why we all need to lean into our relationship with the dark, and how it can benefit our whole wellness, connection to the each other, ourselves, and the planet. Tune in for a wonderful conversation. I’m excited to share this one!

Please check out his full podcast at:

and his work on Forest bathing at: