Kure Atoll makes National News

Just over a week ago, the 4-person crew working on Kure Atoll returned from their isolated stay. Every time a crew ventures out to the atoll, the world seems to change slightly upon their return. This time, a pandemic erupted across the globe, touching every nation and settlement. Except Kure Atoll. This year’s summer crew, which left in March and only now has returned at the beginning of November, were severed from a world battling the COVID-19 outbreak.

Left to right: Charlie Thomas, Matt Butschek II, Matt Saunter, Naomi Worcester
Photo by: Matt Saunter/Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources via AP

During the end of their season, I was corresponding with Matt and Naomi, the managers featured in this article, to get some feedback on my book. They were gracious enough to read through and edit the chapters that take place on Kure Atoll while their team was preparing to return.

This article does an amazing job realizing what it must be like to be reincorporated back into society, something I touch upon in my book.


(Charlie Thomas/Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources via AP)


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